Alex The Parrot

faith in humanity

Alex is an African Grey parrot, with a brain the size and shape of a shelled walnut. By all the accepted laws of nature, he should never have been able to hold a conversation, but not in the case of Alex. Additionally to preforming challenging tasks, Alex has developed strong bond with its trainer and owner.  Below Irene Maxine Pepperberg – owner of Alex tells the last conversation she had with Alex, before he passed away.

The very last time I saw Alex, he was chatty and affectionate. There was nothing unusual about this: after 30 years of triumphs and setbacks, we’d developed a strong mutual bond.

‘You be good. I love you,’ said Alex, as I prepared to leave the laboratory.

‘I love you, too,’ I replied.

‘You’ll be in tomorrow?’

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘I’ll be in tomorrow.


Here is a trailer for documentary about Alex: