Pending Coffee

faith in humanity restored

This story has been flying around the internet, but with enough attention drawn to it more places could start practicing it.

The story goes:

“We were in a small coffee shop.
Two costumers arrive.
They place an order:”5 coffees. 2 for us, 3 pending”.

“What’s a pending coffee?“ I ask.
“Wait and see”.

More costumers. Two girls get their coffees and they pay normal.
After a while, 3 lawyers ask for 7 coffees, but they only drink 3, while paid for all 7.

While we were talking, a poor man enters the shop.
Whit a soft voice he asks: “Do you have any pending coffee?”

This charity was born in Napoli (Naples, Italy).
People pay in anticipation for the coffees and even meals for others who cant afford it.”